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We at Health Travellers Worldwide understand how difficult it is to research various treatment options, countries, cities, hospitals and the doctors on your own.

Therefore, you can get in touch with our team to learn about the different treatment options available to you. This is done by arranging a teleconsultation for you as soon as you get in touch with us.

Our team will help you with the various treatment options and the price estimates so that you can make well-informed decisions and avoid any wrong medical or financial calls. We give you detailed, in-depth and genuine information and are always available to answer your queries and provide suggestions.

” Our premium location for patients seeking medical treatment include Abu Dhabi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Dubai, Hyderabad, Mumbai“

Our Process

Get in Touch

Kindly provide us with your details so that our team can contact you personally.

Kindly provide us with your details so that our team can contact you personally.

HTW Medical Advisory Team will email or call you to know more about your condition.

List of Investigations needed.

Our Medical Advisory team will consult with the doctors regarding your condition and you will be given a list of investigations

Review of Investigation Reports

Your medical reports will be reviewed by the treating doctor.

Detailed Medical Opinion

Within 24-72 hrs you will receive your detailed medical opinion by email.


*For select cases only

Medical Consultation Form

If you are in doubt about the treatment recommended to you, we advise you to take a second medical opinion and get in touch with our panel of best consulting doctors and specialists for medical consultation. We would want you to be absolutely sure about the doctor and the hospital before undertaking any treatment.

A second medical opinion is something we highly recommend to all our patients. It will help you in verifying the diagnosis, review of the treatment advised and recommendations on how to move forward. This service reassures you and your family about the best treatment option and we can then start planning the next steps for you with your approval.

Destinations: India

Our Process

Register for Second Opinion

You can register for second opinion by providing your detailsand choosing the speciality for which you need treatment.

Share Your Medical History

Provide us with a brief history and other details about your medical condition.

Upload Your Medical Records

Please attach all your recent investigation reports, medical scans, consulting doctor notes and any other records pertaining to your conditon.

Review of the Reports

Your reports will be reviewed by the doctors in our panel.

Detailed Medical Opinion

A detailed medical opinion will be provided by our medical experts. You can see the sample here.

Register for Second Opinion

Medical History

Social History

Medical Records

As part of our 360 degree customized patient services, we offer a hassle-free travel experience. You can completely rely on us for a safe transit from the airport to the hospital and the drop back. We will arrange a vehicle or an ambulance (if needed) with a dedicated Case Manager. You could also avail the services of ‘Meet & Greet’ at the Airport with whom we have tie-ups.

Our personal attention extends even during hospitalization, with Patient Happiness Executives and Translators from our team being present in the hospital we work with, to provide personal care, over and above that’s been provided by the hospital staff. They can also help you with accommodation, local transport, sightseeing etc. besides helping you with your medical care.

  • Premium Patient Care
  • Tailor Made Travel Experience
  • Safe Airport Transits
  • Exotic Hotels & Beach Resorts
  • Dedicated Patient Happiness Executives & Translators
  • Personalized Nursing & Physiotherapy

The ORALCARE Portal is set to change the way information flows in the International Health Tourism space.

Our Health Travel Portal serves as an interactive online platform to share information with all the stakeholders like Patients, Insurance Companies, Ministries of Health/Ministries of Defence, Corporates, NGOs etc. It is an innovative and efficient tool to track the patient right from touchdown to take-off. The portal also facilitates medical updates, discharge intimations, billing updates and bill settlements. The portal works as a one-stop information platform for international patients to ensure a seamless communication process for all the stakeholders.

Benefits of the Portal

  • Comparative Pricing
  • Multiple Choices
    • Doctors
    • Hospitals
  • Regular Updates
    • Treatments
    • Logistics
    • Financial
    • Billing
  • One IT platform for Stackholders
    • Payors
    • Hospitals

Being in the health tourism industry, we realize the importance of confidentiality of patient information. We have tried to achieve the optimum balance between confidentiality and transparency in our portal through the use of the right technology, to set the benchmark for medical tourism.

The ORALCARE Portal is capable of handling all international patient processes right from raising a query and query management, through patient treatment and up to payments and settlement.

Our Health Travel Portal provides high-level dashboards for the stakeholders. These dashboards provide real time status summaries of the international patients under the various processes in their respective health travel cycle. The portal also provides various reports that can be viewed and downloaded by all the stakeholders.

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