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Fully integrated infrastructure of international standards for “Same Day Dentistry” under one roof.

With a vision to create a niche in oral and dental care, was founded by Dr. Himanshu Gupta, Mr. Anil Bhandari, Mr. Manish Parakh and Dr. Abha Gupta. The intention is to make a difference in healthcare by establishing premium Oralcare Centres across India initially, with world class infrastructure and specialty care.

The diverse backgrounds of the team gives the much needed distinctiveness in concept and implementation to come up as a unique brand.

Hub & Spoke

The Hub and Spoke model aims at maximum utilisation of capacity and capability.

The Hub is a fully integrated infrastructure inclusive of modern diagnostic and treatment facilities of international standards, under one roof with the concept  of “Same Day Dentistry”. The Spoke is a single unit dental clinic at existing hospitals/nursing homes. The Hub and Spoke model aims at maximum utilisation of capacity and capability.

Dental Skill Development

Organise and promote professional training and workshops in India and abroad for dental surgeons and specialists. (UPDATE)

We are offering following Fellowship Courses

  1. Fellowship in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry
  2. Fellowship in Aesthetic Dentistry
  3. Fellowship in Dental Public Health

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Dental Radiology

State of the art infrastructure.

The Hub has a full-fledged Dental Radiology Set-Up for ease of treatment and to support the concept of “Same Day Dentistry”. The state-of-the-art infrastructure provides all kinds of intra-oral and extra-oral radiology services including CBCT under a single roof.

Privilege Card

Special Family Privilege Cards

A Limited Time offer for Families.

Oralcare.co.in providing a limited time membership offers, Rush and be a member of family privilege card & get treated by best Dentist in India.

Pathology Services

In-house facility of Apollo Diagnostics.

A good practise requires good diagnosis and to diagnose, good pathology laboratory access is a must. oralcare.co.in has an in-house facility of Apollo Diagnostics.


Different specialties under one roof.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

OMFS- a speciality to treat diseases, injuries and defects in the head, neck, face, jaws and hard and soft parts of the oral cavity. Surgical intervention forms the crux of this branch.

Oral Medicine – Diagnosis and Radiology

The basic and the first step in a dental clinic, OMDR specialists performs the radiographic procedures, procures the biopsy sample, establishes the diagnosis, designs the treatment plan and keeps the diseases in check via medicines.

Orthodontics Dentistry

Orthodontics deals with correcting the haphazard teeth arrangement and/ or ill-placed jaws by getting them in an ideal position via application of forces from the adjoining bones. The ultimate goal of an ideal teeth and jaw arrangement is the “perfect bite”.

Paediatric Dentistry

Paediatric Dentists specifically treat the population below 14 years of age. Care of milk teeth and growing bones and tissues requires special care and treatment. Paediatric Dentistry also encompasses Preventive Dentistry wherein common diseases are prevented by indulging in different treatment modalities.

Periodontics Dentistry

Gum Specialists is an understatement since Periodontists deal with everything that neighbours around the tooth. The gums and the bones housing the teeth are majorly taken care of. Simple oral hygiene is a target first in line that periodontists take care of.

Prosthetic Dentistry

Prosthodontists keep an aim of replacing the lost structure- teeth and the jaws- also the structures adjacent to the mouth. They have procedures, tools and methods to custom create anything and everything.


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