Fellowship in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry India 2021

Fellowship in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry


To promote quality dental professional skills in order to achieve admirable facial aesthetics through active participation of the patient, professionals and excellent advanced material technology.

The objective of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of person’s oral tissues as teeth, gums and smile using advanced and durable dental materials and technology.


Oralcare.co.in’s Fellowship Programme in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry is an excellent opportunity for career advancement which is designed keeping in mind the time schedule and demanding professional life of dental clinicians.


The course structure aims at including 4 major branches of dentistry

  • MODULE 1- Basics of Anatomy and Histology (4 days)
  • MODULE 2- Update on Dental Materials (6 days)
  • MODULE 3- Equipment and Armamentarium (6 days)
  • MODULE 4- Conservative Dentistry (14 days- in breaks)
  • MODULE 5- Prosthetics Dentistry Module (6 days)
  • MODULE 6- Theory Knowledge (6 days)
  • MODULE 7- Aesthetic Periodontics (6 days)
  • MODULE 8- Aesthetic Orthodontics (6 days)
  • MODULE 9- Digital Dentistry (6 days)
  • MODULE 10- Cosmetic Dentistry(6 days)

The different module structure has different topics-

An amalgamation of all the 4 branches

MODULE 1- Basics of Anatomy and Histology (4 days)

An open book assignment as a

  • Project Report
  • Seminars
  • MCQ based Internal Assessment


1) Dental Anatomy and Histology

2) Anatomy of Head and Face

MODULE 2- Update on Dental Materials (6 days)

A theory session for each type including a demonstration of materials

  1. Composites
  2. Restorative Cements
  3. Ceramics
  4. Bleaching Materials
  5. Implants
  6. Principles of Shade Selection
  7. Bonding Agents
  8. Impression Materials
  9. Finishing and Polishing Materials
  10. Modern Aesthetic Materials

MODULE 3- Equipment and Armamentarium (6 days)

A theory and live-demo session with the equipment

  1. CAD CAM
  2. Zoom Whitespeed
  3. LASER Unit
  4. Clinical Lab Support
  5. Use of Instruments
  6. Sterilization and Maintenance of equipment and instruments.

MODULE 4- Conservative Dentistry (14 days- in breaks)

A theory session accompanied with a hands-on on typo models plus live demo on the patients.

This module will be of major importance and includes:

  • Direct Composites
    1. Class I
    2. Class II
    3. Class III
    4. Class IV
    5. Veneers
  • Indirect Composites
    1. Veneers
    2. Laminates
    3. Inlays
    4. Onlays
  • Ceramics
    1. Inlays
    2. Onlays

MODULE 5- Prosthetics Dentistry Module (6 days)

  1. Various Crown and Bridge preparations
  2. Impression Techniques
  3. Articulators
  4. Implants- gist
  5. Impression Techniques
  6. Characterization Techniques

MODULE 6- Theory Knowledge (6 days)

Majorly theory and demo based-

  1. Principles of Diagnosis
  2. Treatment Planning
  3. Basic Principles of Occlusion
  4. Principles of Smile Designing
  5. Principles of Aesthetics

MODULE 7- Aesthetic Periodontics (6 days)

  1. Gingivectomy
  2. Frenectomy
  3. Depigmentation
  4. Aesthetic Flaps
  5. Management of Gingival Recession

MODULE 8- Aesthetic Orthodontics (6 days)

  1. Basics of orthodontic treatment
  2. Basics of Clear aligners
  3. Basics of Retainers

MODULE 9- Digital Dentistry (6 days)

  1. Basics of Dental Photography
  2. Basics of Digital Smile Designing
  3. Basics of CAD CAM


  1. Bleaching
  2. Non-Prep Veneers
  3. Periodontal Aesthetics
  4. Discolored Tooth Management
  5. Micro and Macro Abrasion


Theory- 30 Days

Practical- 36 days


  1. Group Discussions
  2. Live patient demo
  3. Typodont Models
  4. Seminars
  5. Presentations


  1. Case presentation including on patient work
  2. MCQs
  3. Table Clinics
  4. Seminars
  5. Theory Written


BDS / As per University Guidelines

**Students have to bring their own hand pieces.

***Limited Course material will be provided for training sessions.

Study Material

The course syllabus is specially designed for dentists.

The syllabus is regularly updated as per global demands so as to train our participants as per the latest in the field.

The study material is available in form of ppts and videos for this course.

There is no printed study material available for this course.

Since this is a professional training programme, faculty shall be sharing some websites and links with participants for self study and research.


Participants shall be assessed based on the following pattern:

  1. One theory examination at the end of each module i.e. total four internal Assessments (I. A).
  2. Final theory examination and Viva Voce at the end of the course.
  3. Seminars, Problem Solving, Critical Evaluation of Scientific Articles and Evaluation of Research Project.
  • Seminars: One seminar should be presented by each participant on the completion of every module. The topic will be given by the faculty.
  • Problem Solving: A hypothetical health situation existing in a community is shared with participants with sufficient data. They are expected to suggest practical solutions to the existing health situation of the given community.
  • Critical Evaluation of Scientific Articles: Critical evaluation of a given research article published in an indexed international/ national journal.

Evaluation of Research Project

A. Ex ante evaluation refers to the evaluation of a project proposal, for example for deciding whether or not to finance it, or to join the researchers,or to  provide scientific support.

B. Ex post evaluation is conducted after a research is completed, again for a variety of reasons such as deciding to publish or to apply the results, to grant  an award or a fellowship to the author(s), or to build a new research along a similar line.

C. An intermediate evaluation is aimed basically at helping to decide  to go on, or to reorient the course of the research.

* Attempt should be made by student to publish a scientific article in an indexed international/national journal.

* A minimum of 75% classroom attendance and 75% submission of internals (Exams & Assignments) is mandatory to be eligible for appearing the final examination.

Learning Methodology

The lectures are held in a comfortable air conditioned classroom located within the state of the art educational centre of Oralcare.co.in.

The pace of lectures is modified to enable and ensure that every participant is on the same page and has completely understood the topic with a mid-day lunch break.

Lectures are taken with aid of Power point presentations and whiteboards.

Participants can solve their doubts and queries during or after the class with the faculty.

Fellowship Programme in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry expert professional faculty shall answer the queries within a week.

Project Assignments

Participants shall be assigned projects as part of Internal assessment and these have to be completed and submitted in the class/submitted (as instructed by the faculty) within the designated time frame allotted by the faculty.

It is compulsory for participants to complete the given projects to be eligible for graduation.


Professional and experienced faculty who are masters in the allotted topics shall conduct the programme.

Senior, Experienced faculty with flair for teaching are associated with the programme.

All the study content is based on current norms and standards and updated by the faculty as per the changing scenario worldwide.


Our Oralcare.co.in Training Centre provides a relaxed and comfortable setting for theoretical lectures, seminars as well as practical hands-on courses for up to 40 delegates.

It is an ideal venue for conferences and training courses. Tool kits with micromotors, State of the art audiovisual equipments, giant screen and projectors make the learning experience unforgettable.

We are conveniently located just few minutes from Aurnangbad Railway station and near by Airport, which is centrally located and easily accessible from all over Aurangabad through local transport.

We also have ample parking on-site.


Advantage of Classroom Education:

In our ever increasing virtual world there seems to be a need for real interaction.

Classroom sessions provide this in the form of a real person who can deliver information in an interesting way.

The faculty is also a subject expert who can answer concerns and questions right away and, as a specialist, can share the benefit of their years of experience.

Students get opportunities to tackle subjects and questions outside the standard remit of the course, get a real, practical and hands on use of the tools and techniques, a multi sensory experience that appeals to more of your multiple intelligence and enriches you with a valuable feedback from the faculty and peers in the group.

Advantage Oralcare.co.in’s Fellowship Programme in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry Classroom:

  • Tailor made course for dental professionals as per global standards.
  • A chance to experience the “Back to the class” feeling and enjoy the student mode of life once again.
  • An opportunity to directly interact with well known professionals from the industry thereby gaining a head start advantage into the industry.
  • An advantage to learn in a classroom setting with world class amenities to enrich the experience
  • Advantage to learning in person as well as have access to study material, hence complete concentration in class is possible.
  • Written examinations and access to marks provides complete transparency in grading system.
  • Support for doubt solving and queries in addition to classroom time.
  • Convenient venue, centrally located and easily accessible.
  • Lectures scheduled for 4 consecutive days every three months,to ensure minimum travel and loss of practice hours for working professionals.
  • An absolutely Value for Money Professional Course.
  • Installment option available.